Japanese Food Items

Japanese food items can be divided into 3 categories

  • Rice food
  • Vegetable food
  • Meat food

Among these rice food is most popular and taken every day by Japanese people.

Japanese Sushi

Sushi is their main dish which is prepared with vinegared rice and fresh ingredients. These fresh ingredients are usually fresh vegetables or sea food. Other mali zushi, nigi zushi, temaki, inari zushi are made with the base sushi rice.

Ingredients to make sushi are,

  • Japanese rice
  • Rice vinegar

Different types and brands of rice cereal s are available with us.

  • Kiku Rice
  • Rice ( Hakura)
  • Kitami Rice
  • Akitakomach
  • Sweet Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Earth Komachi
  • Kagayaki
  • Tokusen Mai
  • Niko Niko